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Everyday Mentoring


Everyday Mentoring® recognizes that adults everywhere can make a mentoring difference for youth in their daily lives. Parents, teachers, youth sports coaches, librarians, crossing guards -- anyone who interacts regularly with young people can use Everyday Mentoring to help youth feel known, recognized, cared for and supported.


TMP created the Everyday Mentoring movement to bring mentoring to more kids in our region. By adding Everyday Mentoring to the long list of structured, formal mentoring programs, we're connecting more young people with adults who are prepared to help them dream big and work hard to reach their goals.


The Tenets of Everyday Mentoring
  1. Commit to a Purpose – Be mentor-like, however you can, wherever you can, with any youth you encounter in your life.
  2. Recognize Every Child – By being aware and responsive to every child, more youth benefit from Everyday Mentoring  interactions that nurture their “sparks” and attend to their needs.
  3. Be Present – Find opportunities to make a mentoring difference in everyday moments.
  4. Be Aware of Your Interactions – Be intentional with your presence, your
    communication, and your potential impact on youth in everyday moments.
  5. Empower Youth to Ask for Help – Equip children to leverage their connections with mentor-like adults already in their lives so that they can get the help they need to accomplish their goals and solve their challenges 

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