Everyday Mentoring

Children thrive when they are surrounded by caring adults in all areas of their lives -- in their homes, neighborhoods, schools and communities. 

Everyday Mentoring recognizes that adults everywhere can make a mentoring difference for youth in their daily lives. Parents, teachers, youth sports coaches, librarians, crossing guards -- anyone who interacts regularly with young people can use Everyday Mentoring to help youth feel known, recognized, cared for and supported.

TMP created the Everyday Mentoring movement to bring mentoring to more kids in our region. By adding Everyday Mentoring to the long list of structured, formal mentoring programs, we're connecting more young people with adults who are prepared to help them dream big and work hard to reach their goals.


Whether it’s in-person, virtual or hybrid, supportive relationships matter. Young people need strong connections with caring adults who can help them thrive.  Click here to make a contribution to our year-end campaign.  Together, we can ensure that all kids are surrounded by 360 degrees of mentoring support -- in school, at home and in the community!