Mentor Chat Podcast Season 2

Mentor Chat is our podcast dedicated to all things mentoring and we're thrilled to launch season 2, which is all about Everyday Mentoring!  Join TMP'ers Michelle and Ashley for discussion around Everyday Mentoring and how we can all use it to support the young people in our lives.  Real-life tips, introspective questions, special guests...there's something for everyone!  Click below to listen or search "Mentor Chat" on all major podcast listening platforms!


Season 2 of our Mentor Chat podcast focuses a lot on Everyday Mentoring and we're kicking things off with our first episode, which tackles an obvious first question: what is Everyday Mentoring?  You may remember us referencing Everyday Mentoring last season.  Well, now we're shining a spotlight on the essence of Everyday Mentoring and how adults everywhere can use it to make a mentoring difference in the lives of kiddos they see regularly.  Everyday Mentoring is an important piece of the mentoring puzzle and it plays a critical role in our work to surround kids with 360 degrees of mentoring support -- in school, at home and in the community.  So settle in and listen to some personal stories and fun facts that will pave the way for our future Everyday Mentoring episodes!


Hosted, written, and produced by Michelle Thomas & Ashley Wineland with The Mentoring Partnership of SWPA |

Music is "Cheery Monday" Kevin MacLeod ( | Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License |

"Every Kid Needs a Champion," Rita Pierson


We're hosting our biennial Magic of Mentoring event on Tuesday, October 26th at Heinz Field.  Click here for more information on event details, sponsorship, silent auction and more.  We'll have a virtual event option, too, so everyone can join us as we celebrate mentoring in our community.  Cheers to the Magic of Mentoring!