Thank Your Mentor Spotlight: Dr. Alison Culyba

Someone who has been a mentor to me...

Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg is an adolescent medicine physician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Director of Health Services at Covenant House Pennsylvania who has dedicated his career to helping children and teens thrive.

This person has had such a big impact on my life because...

I met Dr. Ginsburg during my first week of medical school and had the privilege of working together to care for young people at Covenant House Pennsylvania during my medical training. Dr. Ginsburg opened my eyes to the power of positive connection to support teens through incredibly challenging times. He taught me how to listen with empathy and humility. He helped me find my passion for adolescent medicine and violence prevention, and taught me how to use my voice to advocate for justice.

Why is mentoring important for everyone?

Having a mentor who supports you unconditionally and holds you to high expectations is life-changing. Mentors help you find your unique strengths and talents and channel them to achieve new goals. One of the coolest things about mentorship is that it can come in many forms. Sometimes mentorship happens through formal programs, where you get the opportunity to forge long-lasting bonds. Other times, brief interactions at critical moments create opportunities and alter life paths. Connections hold the power to transform lives.

A message for my mentor...

Dr. Ginsburg, thank you for being a tireless champion for young people, for teaching me how to be an advocate for teens and for helping me build skills to work toward a more just and peaceful world. I am eternally grateful for your support.