Thank Your Mentor Spotlight: Doug MacPhail

Someone who has been a mentor to me...

Professionally, the two “Bills” -- Bill Danforth and Bill Obzut. As a young financial advisor (or “stockbroker” as we were called in those days), these two gentleman took me under their wings and imparted their knowledge about the financial markets and how to work with clients. My risk adverse investment philosophy, as well as a client-first service model, was formulated with their guidance.

My altruistic inspiration came over two decades ago when I joined the board of a relatively new non-profit organization, The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania. I admit to being somewhat awestruck at my first board meeting, sitting around the table with the likes of Dan Rooney, George Miles, Jim Rudolph, Chip Burke and, of course, Fred Thieman. From these titans of mentoring, I learned how this young, yet powerful organization could make an impact on youth and the local community.

This person has had such a big impact on my life because...

Each of the seven individuals mentioned selflessly spent time with me and others to provide guidance and wisdom. They somewhat unknowingly were mentors and were “paying it forward."

Why is mentoring important for everyone?

Every individual has the capacity to be a difference-maker. However, having someone that cares, is interested and is willing to be the “spark” that ignites forward progress can be life changing. Why not shorten and steepen the learning curve for others? Mistakes don’t have to be repeated and we can learn from the experience of others.

A message for my mentor...

My two “Bills” and Mr. Rooney have passed away in recent years. I thank each of them for their legacy of mentorship and the impact they had on me and so many others. To George, Jim, Chip and Fred, just keep on doing your good work for years to come!

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