Everyday Mentoring in Action: Read with a Barber at Propel McKeesport

Strong relationships matter.  Now more than ever, mentors play a critical role in supporting young people and helping them dream big.  All caring adults have the power to be more mentor-like to the kids they see each day.  We call that Everyday Mentoring and it happens everywhere -- at school, at home, in the community...even in the barber chair!  

The Mentoring Partnership (TMP) teamed up with Propel McKeesport and Remake Learning Days to host "Read with a Barber" on Monday, May 3rd.  Held at the school, this event gave Propel students the chance to get a fresh cut and read books with a group of volunteer barbers from the community.

"This event brought together community businesses and partners, all to support young people," said Propel Principal Kristin Scott.  "During a year filled with challenges, it was a fun way to decompress and give our kids a chance to freshen up their hair styles and their reading skills!"  

Five barbers from the community volunteered their time to give free haircuts.  While kids were in the chairs, they got to practice their literacy skills and chat with their barber about mentoring.  The day also featured a group activity where everyone shared their thoughts on the importance of mentors.

"Our goal is to surround all young people with 360 degrees of mentoring support -- at home, in school and in the community," said Michelle Thomas, TMP's Director of Training and Program Development.  "Everyday Mentors like barbers, librarians, teachers, crossing guards and more are critical to building a solid foundation of youth support in our neighborhoods."

Click here for more information on Everyday Mentoring and how you can activate the power of caring adults to support kids in your organization or neighborhood.  Looking for a fresh haircut?  Be sure to check out the below barbers who participated in "Read with a Barber."  They were able to take books and mentoring information back to their own shops.  Thank you, barbers!

Corry Sanders 

Kaleb Sanders

Howard aka BigBoi Howie 

William Cooper

Rue Lemon

Check out these great event photos by Jason Cohn!


We're hosting our biennial Magic of Mentoring event on Tuesday, October 26th at Heinz Field.  Click here for more information on event details, sponsorship, silent auction and more.  We'll have a virtual event option, too, so everyone can join us as we celebrate mentoring in our community.  Cheers to the Magic of Mentoring!