Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Your Mentors

Recruiting Your Mentors

Target and Inform Your Audience

  • Identify internal and external target audiences
  • Craft a powerful message and talking points
  • Send a packet of information and FAQs for use during National Mentoring Month (January)
  • Enlist a celebrity spokesperson

Build Community Commitment

  • Make presentations to local organizations
  • Check media editorial and community calendars for best times to publicize
  • Publicize stories and testimonials of local mentors
  • Ask local media for public service announcements and coverage during National Mentoring Month
  • Set up media interviews for print media, TV, and radio
  • Ask local businesses, hospitals and state agencies to help you recruit employees
  • Ask churches, schools, community-based organizations, nonprofits and local businesses to publish articles

Mobilize Community Action

  • Create a call to action
  • Create a media blitz
  • Host special events to recruit volunteers and increase community awareness
  • Celebrate milestones during the year
  • Compile reports, testimonials, photos, achievements, media clippings and coverage
  • Publicize numbers of recruits and good-news stories as the year progresses
  • Debrief on successes and need for improvements as you plan next year’s celebration

Retaining Your Mentors = CARE


  • Mentors should receive appropriate information from the provider organization regarding any special needs the mentee might have.
  • Mentors should feel free to discuss any problems that they are experiencing with agency staff so that your organization and your volunteers can work together to solve them.


  • Mentors should be thanked often and effusively, by both their mentees and your organization.


  • Mentors should be greeted warmly and with respect each time they come to mentor.


  • Mentors should have a good time mentoring and should look forward to being with their mentees.
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Source: Texas Governor's Mentoring Initiative