Our goal is to advance mentoring. To do that, we work with more than 140 programs to ensure that quality mentoring is available to youth in our region. Join us as we strive for mentoring excellence!



As a partner of The Mentoring Partnership, you are joining with other local mentoring providers in our Striving for Mentoring Excellence Network, and will have access to an array of benefits and services. All partners are eligible for:

An affiliation with TMP shows others that you are dedicated to providing quality mentoring and that you've aligned your work with nationally recognized, research-based best practices.




At The Mentoring Partnership, we call technical assistance “Striving for Mentoring Excellence.” Our coaching process is perfect for all programs; whether brand new or well established, our coaches will help your program implement nationally recognized, research based best practices. To learn more, visit our Striving for Mentoring Excellence page.



To become a partner, complete the following:

Please send completed forms to:

The Mentoring Partnership

One Hope Square

1901 Centre Avenue, Suite 205

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

T: 412-281-2535

F: 412-281-6683

Once your forms have been received, we'll be in touch to review and begin our work together.
Thank you for your interest!

As community leaders and as servant leaders, we are heartbroken by the recent tragedies and know that a genuine and ongoing commitment to real change is necessary to confront and combat racism.  We stand in solidarity with our peers, our neighbors, our colleagues and our friends with an even stronger resolve to be present, to listen, to learn and to act.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our 25 years of serving the community, it’s this: 

We are stronger together

We are committed to actively fighting racism and to using our voices for better.  We will continue to bring strength and hope; to foster meaningful conversations around change; to deliver services that are inclusive and will support all.  We encourage you to join us and find ways to improve race relations in our community and beyond.  Let’s all work toward better – better connection, better allyship, better love for one another.  Let’s work together to make this world a better place for our kids.  Now is the time and they’re depending on us.