Turning a Time of Mourning into a Time of Action

We penned a letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette regarding the passing of our founding chairman, Ambassador Daniel M. Rooney.  It was our great honor to have this letter published in the letters section.  Please read below and join us in continuing Ambassador Rooney's great work in our community and beyond.

As we reflect on the passing of Ambassador Dan Rooney, I find myself feeling a mix of emotions. Sadness at the loss of such an inspiring man. Thanks at having had the chance to know him, to work for him and with him. Deep admiration at the number of lives he touched.

Mr. Rooney’s leadership and steadfast commitment to do what is right has made a tremendous difference for so many. As founding chairman of The Mentoring Partnership, Mr. Rooney recognized an important need to connect young people with caring mentors. In the 22 years since we began, we’ve worked with hundreds of local programs to bring mentoring to more than 20,000 kids each year. It’s comforting to know that his spirit will live on, not only in our organization, but in all the other organizations and individuals he made such a lasting impact on.

Mr. Rooney served by example and led with his values. He showed us the best of what can be done with fortune and influence and it’s hard not to dwell on the impact of his loss, especially when we need people like him now more than ever. But I’m asking us to take this time of sadness and turn it into a time of action.

We all have the opportunity to be stewards of Mr. Rooney’s legacy by serving others, lifting each other up and continuing to do all we can to ensure Pittsburgh is a place where everyone can thrive. His loss can help to inspire us all, as keepers of the flame, to push that much harder and smarter to realize his vision and share it with others. Whether you’re a born-and-bred Pittsburgher or you’re new to our family, we can all share the Pittsburgh spirit that extends far beyond the football field thanks to Mr. Rooney’s dedication, leadership and love for our community.