TMP Program Spotlight: Open Field

Open Field, formerly Cameroon Football Development, is committed to improving the lives and futures of youth through sport.  With operations in both Pittsburgh and Cameroon, Open Field's sport-based programming creates a safe space for youth to play and learn, with an educational topic connected to every practice and game. Youth participants take on leadership roles as coaches, referees and mentors to their peers. Youth emerge from the program with new skills to succeed in school and in the workforce.

All across the globe, the number one sport is football (soccer). Open Field utilizes the international passion for the global game as a magnet to attract youth. The Open Field model is fun and engaging, so once youth come they don't want to leave. The more involved participants get, the more skills and knowledge they gain. Parents connect with sport and see the benefits when their children participate. Open Field engages all community members in activities on and around the field.