TMP Program Spotlight: Crossroads Foundation

Students from low-income families need specialized interventions and specific strategies in order to access college and overcome barriers to their eventual success. Crossroads Foundation aims to increase high school performance and college access and encourages degree completion for their students. They do this through year-round individualized guidance counseling; extensive afterschool and summer tutoring and academic enrichment programs and more. 

During the 2018-19 school year, Crossroads Foundation is supporting 130 local under-served youth. Their outcomes increasingly affirm the effectiveness of their model. An average of 97% of Crossroads seniors advance to college and 63% of their alumni complete their degrees within six years as opposed to 25% of their low-income peers nationally.

Support Crossroads Foundation! Your donation to Crossroads funds their proven, 4-part scholarships: 1) Tuition assistance to attend a Catholic high school; 2) Academic support throughout the school year and summer; 3) Extensive college and career preparation; 4) Social wellness programming to overcome learning obstacles caused by poverty.