TMP Program Spotlight: Center of Life

Center of Life's programs focus on music and arts, athletics, and education. Their mission is to provide families and youth with the life-skills, education, training, and resources necessary to be strong and to make their communities strong. 

CoL's Fusion program is an afterschool tutoring and enrichment program for grades K-12. In small group and one-on-one settings, students in Fusion are provided with a family-style meal as well as academic help and activities that are aligned with their school’s math, reading, and science curricula. Designed as a partner program to Fusion, Crossover is a recreational program for grades K-12 that reiterates academic skills and character building through athletic and hands-on activities.

CoL's music programs include options for every age and skill level. The KRUNK Movement is a youth “micro-enterprise” and production company where students in grades 9-12 learn the professionalism required to succeed in the music industry. They utilize their skill and interest in songwriting, beatmaking, production, technology, and dance to convey positive messages about mental and physical health to their peers. COL Jazz mentors kids in grades K-12 into young musicians using a tailored approach that builds upon each student’s individual skill level.

Center of Life’s Parent Engagement program is vital to the success as an organization because parents and caregivers play a critical role in the health and wellness of a child. Throughout the year, COL works under the guidance of its Family Counselor and Outreach Specialist to provide families the knowledge, tools and strategies they need to respond effectively to the opportunities and challenges they face on a daily basis. Some of the key components of this work include bringing in behavioral specialists and organizing weekly parent meetings to create a network for shared learning and support.

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