TMP Program Spotlight: CCAC America Reads

CCAC's America Reads program gives CCAC students an opportunity to earn their work-study award while tutoring elementary students in literacy skills at no cost to the community. America Reads began in the fall 2017 semester and identified 8 CCAC student tutors from Allegheny Campus to work with 16 third-graders in Pittsburgh King PreK-8's Afterschool Academy. The tutors completed three weeks of training before tutoring one-on-one with the third-graders three days a week at the North Side school.

In the pilot year of the program, the CCAC America Reads Tutors completed 1,642.7 hours of public service. The thirteen 3rd grade students that completed the program all showed improvements in their reading skills. 

“The CCAC tutors have helped to strengthen the reading and comprehension skills of my students, and they also help to teach them the social skills needed to be successful. Interacting with the tutors encourages them to attend high school and college and gives them someone to talk to if they don't feel comfortable talking with me. I am truly happy that my students are able to be part of such an awesome program," said Elizabeth Fulton-Lasley, supervising literacy teacher of America Reads at Pittsburgh King.

To join the America Reads program as a tutor, you must be a current CCAC student at Allegheny Campus who is work-study eligible. We are seeking diverse candidates with strong literacy skills who enjoy working with young children. Interested students can contact Allegheny Campus Financial Aid Office in August 2018 to start the application process.