Our Kids. Our Commitment.

Here at TMP, we believe that by giving Allegheny County kids every opportunity to succeed, we’re giving our region the future we deserve.  That's why we've joined local leaders, organizations and passionate community members in announcing the Our Kids. Our Commitment. Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative. We will work together to revolutionize the way we support our kids’ futures to ensure the health and well-being of children across the county.

What is OKOC?
Our Kids. Our Commitment. (OKOC) is a citizen-run initiative dedicated to collecting more than 40,000 signatures to qualify a question for the Nov. 6 general election ballot: Will you vote the Allegheny County Children’s Fund into law, requesting an amendment to the county’s Home Rule Charter creating a 0.25 millage rate increase to property taxes?

If the question makes the ballot and is voted into law, Allegheny County tax payers would see a slight increase in their property taxes, with the additional money collected being put into a fund to support children's programs focusing on three main areas of youth development: nutrition, early childhood learning and after-school programs.

Would You Be Willing to Spend a Little Extra Per Year to Help Local Kids Grow Up Healthier?
For the average Allegheny County homeowner, the proposed tax increase would amount to less than $30 a year.  But this small increase would make a huge impact, generating $18 million annually to fund youth programs proven to benefit our community.

If you believe in helping our kids be the best they can be, join us to bring the Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative to life.  We'll begin collecting signatures at events across the region on June 19th.  To find a signing event near you, or for more information on how you can get involved, visit