Our Kids. Our Commitment.

Here at TMP, we believe that by giving Allegheny County kids every opportunity to succeed, we’re giving our region the future we deserve.  That's why we've joined local leaders, organizations and passionate community members to support the Our Kids. Our Commitment. Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative. We will work together to revolutionize the way we support our kids’ futures to ensure the health and well-being of children across the county.

This Nov. 6, an Election Day ballot initiative will ask Allegheny County voters whether a Children's Fund should be established to provide critical early childhood, nutrition & after-school programs.  You can read the amendment here.
The fund would generate an estimated $18 million by amending the county's Home Rule Charter to implement a small property tax increase on residents--less than $2.50 per household per month--to provide funding for these programs.
Currently, after-school programs are funded by a fluctuating mix of state, federal  and foundation dollars, in addition to parent fees. The Children's Fund would secure dedicated funding and county oversight to ensure reliable, quality out-of-school-time care and nutrition for our kids. 
Click here to preview the ballot question so you're prepared on election day.  Help us make the Allegheny County Children's Fund a reality for our kids and VOTE YES on November 6th!
For more information, or to learn how you can get involved, visit