November LENS: Identity & Agency: Key Ingredients for Youth-Led Social Change

November LENS Meeting: Identity & Agency: Key Ingredients for Youth-Led Social Change
Thursday, November 5th
9:30-11 a.m.

Many social change movements in the United States and abroad have been led by young people. Even as we look at calls for justice in many areas of our society, young people have taken the lead on some of the most impressive movements.

As we examine the ways in which we prepare young people for success, whether it be in college and career preparation, civic engagement or creating change in their school and community contexts, making sure that they first have a chance to explore their identities and how they might advocate for change is critical.

If you've ever wondered how to incorporate identity or agency into your work with young people, including your own personal exploration, save the date for our November LENS meeting! Samantha Utley, Coordinator of Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at Falk School (University of Pittsburgh) and JoVonne Tabb, Doctoral students in the School of Education (Duquesne University) will be leading this session.  Registration info will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


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