August LENS:Cultivating a New Normal Strategy Session

August LENS Meeting: Cultivating a New Normal Strategy Session with Lori Robin
Wednesday, August 26th
9:30-11 a.m.
As the day to day reality of pandemic life changes, so do we as individuals, service providers, and space holders for the youth and families we serve. During the Cultivating a New Normal Strategy Session, we will explore how the tenets of applied improvisation offer us a unique way to relate to what is happening within and around us, equipping us with an alternative means of approaching program planning, solution building, and the shifting needs of our clients, our selves, and our organizations in real-time. Participants will receive a taste of Improviding, a unique adaptation of improvisation, as a tool for connecting to your why, rooting into the strengths of your client and stakeholder relationships, and cultivating a new normal that more easefully invites flexibility, stakeholder engagement, and wellness as pillars for providing vital services for the communities you serve

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