Waiting Isn't Easy

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| February 22, 2021

Lets do This

We've had to do a lot of waiting this past year -- waiting for answers, waiting for clarity, waiting to go back to normal. The waiting continues, and it doesn't seem to get easier. This waiting is just as difficult - if not more so - for young people. Their lives have been disrupted, and they are left waiting to go back to school, to play with their friends, to see and hug loved ones.

This waiting is hard and it can leave young people -- all of us, really! -- emotional and frustrated. As caring adults, we need to be patient and affirm that what they're feeling is natural.  We're feeling it too! Talk with your young people about what they're feeling and help them find healthy ways to manage and work through their emotions.

Stay Inspired

We can help to make the waiting easier on young people by coming up with strategies to fill their time and keep them occupied. Even singing a song with children during downtimes throughout the day can be great way to help them through it.  Or find some inspiration from Fred Rogers in this article and video!

Download our free encouragement cards to send to a young person in your life!

TMP teamed up with Fred Rogers Productions to create encouragement cards that make it easy to check in with a little note and a smile!  Featuring some of our favorite Fred Rogers characters – including Daniel Tiger and Peg + Cat – these cards can be downloaded and printed for a quick snail mail check-in.  You can also screen shot them to email or text to your young person.  Click here to download them!