Turning Gratitude Into Practice


| November 22, 2022

Lets do This

November is Thank Your Mentee Month. While it is definitely important to express your thanks for the young people in your life, you should also encourage them to think about what they're thankful for!  

Help your young person turn gratitude into a practice. Suggest the idea of starting a gratitude journal or encourage them to write down three things they are grateful for every day. Let them know this is an activity they can do on their own or with a caring adult. The next time you have a conversation with your young person, start by sharing what each of you is grateful for. Recognizing the things we’re thankful for is a great way to stay positive and connect with one another. 

Stay Inspired

Check out this resource for more information about expressing gratitude in mentoring. If you are looking for more gratitude activities to do with your young person, check out this list of 20 ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude - you’ll be thankful to have it!