Show Me the (Responsibility of!) Money

Lets do This

Let’s talk money for a moment. As adults, we know that if our money isn’t managed properly, it can result in serious financial hardships for ourselves and our families. It’s important that caring adults teach kids how to avoid the pitfalls of poor money management.  Teaching young people how to manage money at an earlier age will help them develop and maintain healthy financial habits for the future.  

Stay Inspired

Living on a “20 Bean Salary” is a fun activity that The Consortium for Public Education facilitated between the mentors and mentees of the Be a Middle School Mentor Program in McKeesport Area School District.  The mentors and mentees were able to have a great discussion about making choices when there may not be enough money for all of the things we need or want.  The mentees enjoyed the activity and some even took their activity home to “play” with their families.  

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