Self-Reflection and the Positivity of a New School Year


| August 21, 2018

Lets do This

Think about the previous academic year. Are there areas of your mentorship that need improvement? Was your attitude on point to uphold the responsibility of being a role model? With the new school year upon us, it is essential to self-reflect on how we can be better caring adults.

Stay Inspired

As the school year begins, it is vital to refresh our minds and attitudes so that we can start the new year on a foundation of positivity. We need to reflect on prior actions and behaviors and use them as learning tools to improve our relationship and impact with students. If our attitude radiates positivity, then we can extend that positive attitude and thinking toward the students we interact with.

Try these steps to prepare for a more positive school year:

  • Be optimistic about the future.
  • Activate positive thinking by starting each day with a positive affirmation. For example: “I can and will have great day on purpose!"
  • Be kind and smile.