Self-Care This Holiday Season

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| November 15, 2021

Lets do This

This holiday season is very reminiscent of last year as we continue to experience many of the same pandemic-related impacts.   As the holidays approach, it can bring about additional stress, anxiety and depression.  It’s important to be intentional about prioritizing self-care this time of year, especially when your role requires supporting others. One way to prioritize self-care is to schedule “me-time” in your day or week. When you prioritize self-care, not only do you support your own well-being, but you model healthy behaviors for those around you.

Stay Inspired

For fun, we asked our staff here at The Mentoring Partnership to share how they like to prioritize self-care during the holidays:

"I always take some time during the holidays to organize and print all the photos I've taken from the past year." 

"I enjoy finding culture-specific gift wrapping paper, sipping hot chocolate and then wrapping gifts with a sporting event on the tv."

"Now that my kids are older and I have grandkids, I try not to put the stress of getting to all of our family celebrations on them. That way, they don't have to feel any added pressure like I did when they were younger."

"I really love getting gifts for people! I start really early (like September) that way, I'm not stressed about getting things on time or spending too much in one month."

Need more ideas? Check out these resources on putting the "me" back in "merry" this holiday season, including one specifically for young people: They Need "Me-Time" Too: A Self-Care Checklist To Do With Your Kids.


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