Practicing and Modeling Patience


| March 21, 2022

Lets do This

You've probably heard the proverb "patience is a virtue," but practicing patience is sometimes easier said than done!  This can be especially true when working with young people who are figuring out themselves and their world and may also be testing boundaries. Even when we're tired or frustrated, it's important to be calm and model patience for young people.

Nobody's perfect, but we can all work to be better by taking even the smallest steps like waiting a minute before responding or acting, being mindful in the moment and trying to set other stresses aside, and taking a deep breath when you need it.

Stay Inspired

By reflecting on our own behaviors and intentionally working to be more patient with ourselves and others, we model positive and healthy behaviors for young people, too. For more about how young people experience patience and how you can help teach them, check out this article from Greater Good Magazine.