Political Division Impacts Youth

Lets do This

In recent years, the divide between political opinions and parties has grown drastically. Whether we realize it or not, this has an impact on youth, their political engagement and opinions and their relationships with others.

It's important that we make it clear to youth that adults care about them and value their independent thoughts and opinions -- even if we might disagree sometimes. Even though the political landscape can be divisive, encourage them to engage, do responsible research on issues and candidates and form their own opinions.

For more information about how to support youth in getting involved at all levels of politics and making sure they have a voice in the processes that impact them, take a look at information from the National Democratic Institute. 

Stay Inspired

Politics are stressful for us all! Help youth take breaks from the news and political discussions by practicing self care for yourself!  Interested in learning more about the impacts of political division on youth, particularly teens? Check out this article from Psychology Today.