Look for the Silver Linings


| September 8, 2020

Lets do This

The pandemic has been a roller-coaster of challenges and stress for everyone, and we've had to adapt our lives in ways we don't always like or prefer. As we come to terms with having to accept those changes and still remember the seriousness and difficulty of the situation, we can also reflect on and appreciate any positive or useful impacts of the experience.

When we're able to reflect ourselves, we can help youth stay positive and appreciate the good things happening in their lives. Maybe you've discovered a new hobby, connected more with people virtually or explored new things about your neighborhood. Take time with the young people in your life to think about positive things that you've started in the pandemic or good things that have come out of the situation!

Stay Inspired

Recognizing that there might be silver linings doesn't mean that we forget or ignore the seriousness of the pandemic and the harm it's causing to people and communities. We can - and must - keep this in mind and continue doing our part to keep ourselves and others safe. Noticing and appreciating good things happening can help youth and adults keep moving forward and embrace necessary changes with positivity and hope.