Let's All Be the Kind Kids!


| September 14, 2021

Lets do This

Now more than ever, the world needs kindness.  We could all use a little extra encouragement, a word of support or a hug -- virtual or in-person!  But sometimes it's hard to be kind to ourselves and others when we're worried or stressed about something -- and the last year and half has given all of us plenty to worry about and stress over!  

It's our job as caring adults to help young people put kindness first in all that they do.  Fred Rogers had a "kindness practice" to which he committed himself.  We can carry on his legacy by helping kids see opportunities to be kind and make it a habit every day.  

Stay Inspired

Looking for ways to make a habit of kindness?  Now is the perfect time to start!  #BeKind21, a campaign launched by Lady Gaga and the Born This Way Foundation, invites millions of people to practice kindness for the first 21 days of September. 

To celebrate now and moving forward, check out this Fred Rogers-themed kindness calendar, compiled by When You Wonder, You're Learning co-authors Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski!  You can also check out JAMbethekindkid Inc., a nonprofit organization run by Avonworth Primary Center here in Pittsburgh, that spreads kindness through making.