Learning Something New

Lets do This

Summer is finally here and most of us are probably looking forward to kicking back and relaxing. But keep in mind that, while summer is definitely about catching up on R and R, it can also be a great time to explore new things.  

Challenge a young person to try something new -- maybe something that they showed interest in throughout the school year, but didn’t have time to try out. Or maybe it's something you just have a hunch that they would enjoy.  No matter the reason, be creative and introduce a new skill to a young person during these two months of downtime. It might only take you 5 minutes to show them, but they may get hours of enjoyment out of it!

Stay Inspired

YouTube can be your best friend. You can learn a new dance, how to make amazing baked macaroni and cheese, or how to play the piano. Include a young person in your life in the process and learn something new together during summer break.

For encouragement, check out this article on how we learn new skills and why it's important to our development!