Investing in Relationships


| December 21, 2020

Lets do This

We know relationships are important and make a big difference in the lives of young people.  But according to research from Search Institute, adults today aren't investing in these relationships nearly as much as we should.  Evidence shows that caring, multi-dimensional relationships can help young people thrive by supporting resiliency, learning and social-emotional development. 

We must invest in relationships and mentoring to help youth succeed. To do this, we can help adults see the role they play in youth success, understand that relationships are multi-dimensional and multi-directional and intentionally embrace technology and programs to support relationships. 

We can't do any of these alone, but it's important that we work collectively to ensure that we are providing youth with meaningful and authentic connections to caring adults.

Stay Inspired

For more information about what we need to do to truly invest in relationships for the benefit of young people, take a look at this article from Search Institute