Five Promises to Young People


| October 18, 2021

Lets do This

Colin Powell passed away yesterday at the age of 87. During his lifetime, Powell was a major proponent of mentoring and greatly contributed to the field. One of these contributions included helping to found America's Promise Alliance, which is dedicated to helping young people succeed and bringing together caring adults to help make that happen.

When establishing the Alliance, Powell and others wrote Five Promises that adults must keep to ensure young people's success. These Five Promises state that every young person needs: 

  • Caring Adults
  • Safe Places
  • Opportunities to Serve
  • Effective Education
  • A Healthy Start

Thanks to the work and dedication of Powell and others, the Alliance continues to focus on these Five Promises and is committed to creating conditions in which these promises are kept for all young people. 

Stay Inspired

For more information about the Five Promises and the work of America's Promise Alliance, visit their website here. Beyond helping to establish the Alliance, Colin Powell felt strongly about the benefits of mentoring and worked hard to promote and grow it. Check out this video of him speaking directly about the benefits of mentoring.