Empowering Young Girls to Dream Big!

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| March 12, 2019

Lets do This

March is Women's History Month and what better way to empower the young girls in your life than by showing them powerful examples of inspiring women?  Take some time to talk to a young girl about women she looks up to or aspires to be like.  What does she see in them that she wants to emulate?  How can she learn from their example? 

It doesn't matter whether it's Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Amelia Earhart, a mom, a grandma or the neighbor lady down the street who's always ready with a smile and hug.  You don't have to look far to find empowering women who lead by example--throughout history and present-day!

Stay Inspired

She can't be what she can't see!  It's important for girls of all ages to see themselves in positions of leadership.  Check out this Huffington Post list of 21 children's books with compelling girl leads to inspire a young girl to dream big.