Embracing Culture and Heritage

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| October 11, 2021

Lets do This

We're all different.  We come from different places and backgrounds and celebrate different traditions and culture.  As caring adults, it's important that we embrace every part of who the young people in our lives are -- learn about them and celebrate with them! We can also play a part in supporting them as they learn about who they are as well as helping them learn about others! 

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to get these conversations about culture started. Take time to celebrate and learn together. Need some ideas? Take a look at this list for 8 different ways to celebrate.  But don't stop there!  Sit down with your young people and generate a list of how you might embrace culture and heritage year round.

Stay Inspired

Did you know that The Mentoring Partnership now has a Spanish-language mentoring resource?  Check it out here.  We're working hard to add more Spanish-language resources to our library, so stay tuned!


We're hosting our biennial Magic of Mentoring event on Tuesday, October 26th at Heinz Field.  Click here for more information on event details, sponsorship, silent auction and more.  We'll have a virtual event option, too, so everyone can join us as we celebrate mentoring in our community.  Cheers to the Magic of Mentoring!