Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

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| April 23, 2019

Lets do This

While yesterday may have "officially" been Earth Day, that doesn't mean the celebration is over!  Earth Day is something we can all celebrate every day by taking time to learn about, appreciate and respect our planet.  Sharing the wonder of our environment with young people is a great way to help them develop a passion for caring for planet and preserving it for future generations.

Stay Inspired

Helping kids learn more about their environment doesn't have to be hard.  And you don't need to live near the woods to learn more about Mother Nature.  In this PBS Kids article on 6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day, William Fulbrecht suggests becoming an urban nature explorer: "Finding a spot where nature is pushing back against the built environment offers a lasting lesson on the tenacity of life. Look for roots pushing the sidewalk up, or seedlings sprouting between the cracks."

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