Child Development
The Mentoring Partnerships works with hundreds of organizations and thousands of mentors to spread the positive influence of mentoring in Southwestern PA. Explore the organizations we’ve worked with on the map below.

Reading with an Anti-Bias Lens

Mar 29, 2021

Teaching Kids About Digital Safety

Oct 05, 2020

Feelings Are Normal!

Aug 18, 2020

Choosing Educational Apps and Websites

Jul 27, 2020

The Importance of Play

Sep 03, 2019

How Children Develop Resiliency

Aug 12, 2019

The Emotional Ups and Downs of Adolescence

Apr 30, 2019

Let Children Experience Their Emotions

Apr 10, 2019

Listening to Teens

Apr 09, 2019

Raising a Grateful Child

Nov 20, 2018


We're hosting our biennial Magic of Mentoring event on Tuesday, October 26th at Heinz Field.  Click here for more information on event details, sponsorship, silent auction and more.  We'll have a virtual event option, too, so everyone can join us as we celebrate mentoring in our community.  Cheers to the Magic of Mentoring!