Advancing Racial Justice Through Developmental Relationships

Lets do This

In the past year especially, people and organizations have been working to find ways to intentionally and effectively integrate racial justice and equity into their lives and work. One way that might seem obvious but shouldn't be overlooked is building trusting relationships with youth.

When we integrate justice and equity into these relationships, we're able to see a young person as the whole person that they are and can connect with them in more meaningful ways. We must be inclusive and intentional with all of our relationships with young people, include them in the work and conversations and support them in dismantling racism and white supremacy. In the hard work that it's going to take to create lasting change, relationships are essential. 

Stay Inspired

The Search Institute's Relationships for Outcomes Initiative was a major project that developed tools and strategies for building inclusive and intentional relationships with youth. Read more here about how we can advance racial justice and equity through this lens.


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