Making a difference

Take a minute and think of someone in your life who has offered support or encouragement. Maybe it was a favorite teacher who stayed after school to help you with your homework. Or a supervisor who helped you navigate the in's and out's of your first job. While you may not have realized it at the time, those adults were acting as mentors.

Simply put, mentoring is just extra support and encouragement. It is a helping hand or a listening ear...someone to challenge you to be your best and to believe in you as you work to achieve your goals.


“My mentor gave me the strength to get through each day and the courage to fight for another.”

omarina, middle school moment

Mentoring Works

We know that mentoring works. While the number of youth being mentored in our community is increasing, our greatest need is more mentors. More than 800 local youth are currently on waiting lists for a mentor.


Mentored students are 52% less likely to skip school.

Source: Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America


86% of children who are mentored go on to higher education.

Source: Proctor & Gamble


58% of mentored students improve their grades.

Source: Career Beginnings


With more than 140 programs in our area, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Learn more about mentoring through these real stories and testimonials. You can also learn more about becoming a mentor.

Mentoring changes lives. It can change yours.