Get Involved - Individuals
Interested in getting involved with mentoring, but not sure where to start? We can help!

Formal Mentoring

There are currently 1,065 young people on waiting lists looking to be matched with mentors in local programs. As an individual, there are a variety of ways you can get involved with mentoring.  You can find a program and volunteer...we'll help you find a program that fits your availability and interests.  You can also search for a mentor for a young person in your life.  Check out the below boxes to learn more!

Everyday Mentoring

In everyday life, adults can find themselves fulfilling the role of a mentor. These naturally occurring relationships have many of the same benefits to youth that formal mentoring relationships have!

Adults who find themselves in this role may want additional information or knowledge to better support their mentees. Check out our Online Resource Library for Everyday Mentoring tips. You may also find our Resources for Mentors to be helpful as you strengthen relationships with young people in your life.

We also have an Everyday Mentoring training for organizations that would like their constituents to become more mentor-like in their interactions with youth. This training is highly adaptable depending on the needs of the organization and available on-site. To learn more about this opportunity, contact us at