The Importance of Purpose

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| October 21, 2019

Lets do This

As we grow and develop, one of the things we’re told is that we need to find our “purpose” in life. While this can often seem like a daunting and overwhelming challenge, mentors can help young people find purpose by cultivating exploration and connection.

Purpose is defined as a future intention in which we work to accomplish goals that are personally meaningful and that benefit others. Identifying and pursuing purpose has been shown to promote well-being, academic growth, happiness and emotional and physical health.

By building a genuine relationship that focuses on getting to know a young person–their values, interests, passions, skills, and hopes – on a deep level, a mentor can help their mentee find purpose.

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Check out the new Mentors Guide to Youth Purpose from MENTOR for more information and resources on how adults and young people can understand and explore purpose together.

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