The Importance of Helping Others

Lets do This

As adults, it is important for us to teach young people about the importance of helping others.  It's never too early to start and leading by example can be a great way to show kids that volunteering your time or donating resources can have a huge impact on the lives of others.

There are a variety of ways to show children how they can help others.  For example, you could work together to help elderly neighbors with chores or volunteer for a community activity.  The key is to empower young people to want to help you.  Give them a chance to get involved and do the job themselves.  Express gratitude and thanks for their help and reinforce the important impact they're making to support others who need it. 

Stay Inspired

Now is the perfect time to volunteer for a community service project to help others during the holiday season.  Search online or in the newspaper for opportunities near you.  Let your young person help you decide on the best activity, finding one that aligns with their interests.  For example, if you're both animal lovers, call your local shelter to inquire about volunteering and supply needs.

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