Talking Politics with Young People

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As we get closer and closer to Election Day, we're swarmed with political ads and discussions from all angles. Youth can see this too and may feel overwhelmed by all of the information. It may be difficult for youth to understand what is going on and to know the difference between information based in fact versus information that is exaggerated or false.

It's important for young people to learn to evaluate the credibility of political information and to think critically about what they're hearing and seeing. Adults can help kids do this and learn about politics and the election in age-appropriate ways. With younger children, we can decode and talk about the political ads we see along with seeking out news sources designed for youth.

For older youth, we can talk about the election process, discuss tougher issues that get a lot of attention and even watch a debate together, making sure to leave time afterward for debriefing and checking facts. Regardless of who we support, adults have an essential role in educating youth about politics and setting them up to make informed decisions about who represents them and the issues that impact them. 

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