Supporting Teens Seeking Employment

provide support

| June 10, 2019

Lets do This

Is there a teen in your life looking for a job? Maybe even their first job? There are ways you can help!

First, understand the laws and restrictions to teen employment – most all employers will not hire a young person under the age of 14 and most will only hire a teen 16 or older. Anyone under 18 will probably need to complete some paperwork allowing them to legally work.

After reviewing the legal guidelines, a great way to offer support is helping the young person decide what they want to do! Ask questions about what they enjoy or are interested in and assist them in exploring and looking up different opportunities and potential job positions. Search for jobs online or inquire at businesses and around your community and networks.

As a young person may not have experience filling out applications or going to interviews, help them prepare, give them tips and support them in demonstrating their skills and qualities. Lastly, when a teen has been given a job offer, help them navigate the decision to accept it or not. Before they say “yes,” it’s important that a teen feels comfortable with the work they’ll be doing and that the working hours fit their schedule.

Stay Inspired

Check out this article with tips for helping teens find a job. If you're looking for more ideas, check out your local library!  For example, the Teenspace at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is a great place for teens to find resources and support. You can stop by or call to make an appointment with a Teen Specialist to get one-on-one job help.