Showing and Earning Respect

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What is respect?  Webster Dictionary defines respect as "a relation of reference to a particular thing or situation; an act of giving particular attention; high or special regard." Adults sometimes expect to be held in high regard because of their difference in age and experience.  Adults try and demand this respect from youth through discipline, threats, bribes or rewards. Those things don’t foster respect; rather it teaches young people to respect control, not the person or the relationship.

Respect is a two-way street. It cannot be demanded; it must be earned.

In order for adults to earn the respect of a child or teenager, they must model respectful behavior and be mindful of how they communicate. Language is essential in how adults can build a culture of respect in their homes, schools and communities.  As adults, we can't just “walk the walk”...we have to "talk the talk," too.

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Adults can help develop a culture of respect by rephrasing words from negative to positive.  The Language of Respect outlines 11 categories of words that foster respect, including: encouragement, grace, guidance, high expectations, hope, love, understanding, and accountability. Click here to learn more about how each of these words can foster mutual respect.

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