Measure Time, Not Books

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| March 3, 2020

Lets do This

Reading can be challenging, sometimes even for those who enjoy it. Finishing an entire book can seem daunting, not to mention an entire assigned book list. One strategy that may be helpful is switching up the way we think of reading goals. Instead of the goal being to complete books, measure the time spent reading. Discuss with your young person a reasonable amount of time they could spend reading in a day or every other day, whether that’s 5 minutes or an hour. When they sit down and read for that amount of time, no matter how much they actually end up reading, celebrate with them the accomplishment of that goal. Gradually, they can make more progress on that book list without it seeming so overwhelming!

Stay Inspired

Yesterday was Read Across America Day...but we can celebrate books all year round!  Visit your local public library and explore the shelves! You can also speak to the librarians and staff there about ways to encourage young people in your life to read, age-appropriate book recommendations and upcoming programs and opportunities. Additionally, this article from Book Riot speaks more about switching up reading goals to best fit a person’s needs.

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