Get Some Rest!

child development

| October 23, 2018

Lets do This

Getting enough rest has positive benefits that impact both our physical and emotional health.  For instance, getting a good night's sleep can improve memory. While your body is asleep, it has the ability to process information, memories and skills through consolidation. Other benefits associated with sleep are: more creativity,
improvement in grades, lower stress and a sharper attention span.

School-aged kids need roughly 10-11 hours of sleep each night.  During these days of information and activity overload, it can be tough for kids to get an adequate amount of rest.  Encourage healthy habits like setting an appropriate bedtime (and sticking to it!). 

Stay Inspired

Help your young person think through their bedtime routine.  What can they do to relax and get ready for bed?  Click here for more information on healthy sleep habits for young children and additional ways you can promote the importance of a good night's rest.

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