Cooperative Board Games

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| July 1, 2019

Lets do This

Looking for something fun to do with a young person in your life when the summer sun isn't shining and you're stuck indoors?  Try a cooperative board game!  It’s almost exactly like the regular board games you know and love: the board, the game pieces, taking turns, completing an objective. The difference is that everyone playing is on the same team and working together toward a common goal. These types of games have been shown to encourage and increase cooperation in children and could even help them grow their relationship-building skills.

Cooperative board games may be more developmentally appropriate for young children who might have trouble understanding (or accepting!) competitive rules and strategies of traditional board games. These types of games create opportunities for children to develop critical thinking skills by discussing decisions and justifying their reasoning. Plus, they’re fun and give everyone a chance to collaborate and work together!

Stay Inspired

Want to give cooperative board games a try? Find some suggestions and more information about these types of games at this link!

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