Being Charitable

Lets do This

It is important to show young people that they are part of a bigger picture, a larger community.  By providing a focus on the value of charity, we can encourage kids to grow up with a healthy sense of compassion and a giving spirit.

There are many ways to teach kids about the value of giving.  Sure, charity can mean donating money or "things."  But we can also teach young people that charity can include giving our time.  Donating time can be just as powerful as donating money...and it oftentimes leaves us with an even bigger sense of accomplishment and pride.

Stay Inspired

Learning about helping others gives a feeling of empowerment in an uncertain world. A great way to reinforce charitable values is to make giving a family or group activity. Encourage everyone in your group to participate in volunteer activities and praise each other when generosity and empathy are shown to others. Click here for 9 ways to teach kids about charity.

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