Being a positive youth sports supporter.


| April 4, 2017

Lets do This

Spring is here and so is baseball, softball, soccer and more. As fans, it’s easy to get wrapped up in winning. That's also true of your enthusiasm for sports that the kids in your life play. But it's important to take a time out from the excitement and action and remember to focus on the amazing moments sports provide to grow with young people.

Stay Inspired

FlipGive created 22 tips for sports parents and these can be helpful whether you're cheering on your own kids or other young people in your life! 

For example:

  • Tell children you are proud of them, whether they win or lose. Do this before they
    even play, after they play and as often as possible when it has nothing to do with sports.
  • Say yes to playing with them. Even when you’re tired or have other “important” things to do, you will always be glad you took the time to play catch, shoot hoops or throw the football around...and remember to keep it fun!
  • Teach them to respect coaches and teammates. This behavior always sets them apart as influencers.

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