Ask. Listen. Encourage.

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| February 11, 2020

Lets do This

Ask. Listen. Encourage. These three words make up a simple, yet effective way of interacting with youth that can help to build a positive, supportive and productive relationship. By remembering to ask young people questions, listen to them and encourage them, you ensure that your interaction is purposeful, increases self-confidence, and shows that you care – all essential pieces of a meaningful and mentor-like relationship.

Stay Inspired

Wondering how to put the Ask. Listen. Encourage. method into practice? Here are some things you can do for each:

  • Ask relevant and challenging questions and engage in back-and-forth dialogue.
  • Listen to youth, let them speak and remember what they say -- be present in the moment.
  • Don't feel like you have to fill every second of conversation.  A little silence can sometimes be a good thing as your young person collects his/her thoughts.
  • Be supportive and empathetic.
  • Encourage youth in their decision-making and actions without judgement.

For more information on this strategy, check out this guide from the Center for Youth Program Quality.

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