A Mentor, A Motivator

express care

| October 9, 2018

Lets do This

Every child needs someone who will be their biggest cheerleader and supporter.  Life can sometimes be challenging, but with the help of a motivator, children can learn to overcome difficult situations.  As mentors, we need to be champions for youth.  We need to root them on and let them know that their achievements have not gone unnoticed.  We need to constantly remind them that we are present and that we see them.  

Stay Inspired

Motivating a child to set and achieve goals can help them realize their full potential.  It doesn't take much to be a great supporter.  Try one of these simple actions to show a young person you care.

  • Be present.
  • Say things like "I'm so proud of you!" or "You're doing great!"
  • Attend a sporting event, dance recital or other activity.
  • Monitor their progress and ask how they're doing on a certain project.
  • Offer help when necessary.