Apply Now for your $500 Mentoring Storytelling Grant!

Remake Learning Days is back on May 9th through 19th!  This celebration of activities and events showcases everything that makes our region a recognized national leader in innovative teaching and learning.  

Mentoring plays a critical role in how our region is helping to remake learning.  Surrounding kids with 360 degrees of mentoring support empowers them to set goals and define their own success.  Mentoring sparks learning, which sparks growth!

To celebrate Remake Learning Days this year, we're giving away five $500-grants to organizations who want to host a Mentoring Storytelling Event!  What's a Mentoring Storytelling Event?  Any occasion where you and your mentors/mentees/families can get together to create stories of mentoring.  It could be a regular Tuesday programming night, a special open house or a volunteer meeting where mentees are the special guests.  Anything goes!

The only requirement?  The end result should be a collection of mentoring stories from your group.  Audio files, brief videos, artwork (paintings, collages, poems, etc)., photos...any visual or audio medium that shows:

  • the positive impact of mentoring
  • how mentoring influences learning
  • how learning is happening through mentoring
  • how mentoring is remaking learning!

Events must take place between May 9th and 19th.  Winners will receive $500 to put toward their event.  Use it for refreshments, supplies...anything you need!  

Click here to apply no later than Friday, April 12th!  For questions or more information, contact Kristan Allen at